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True love 

Youth, folly, bohemianism and dance in all quantities. The performance is about two fiery young people finding each other, about the fact that opposites do attract each other and that the road to happiness is sometimes bumpy. The play shows (with a lot of humor) that our traditions and conventions were written by life itself and we should never abandon them.

Fun Fiction

The main character of the play is a living artist, a charming and good-looking playboy with a key to every woman’s heart. These “gifts” he uses in his pursuit of freeing rich women from their expensive jewels. Always glamorous, always elegant and always one step ahead. And what else is needed to complete the story? The always clumsy detective who, in his own unusual way, does everything to finally catch the thief. Sándor Román creates a humourous presentation of this
“Pink Panther” story with frenetic dances that brings joy and laughter to the faces of the viewers – even on the darkest days.

The Affair

The Affair is a Romeo and Juliet story disguised in a modern guise. A tale of strife and true love. Putting a humorous light on human contradictions, strife and the clash of interests, with the lesson that true love always overcomes all difficulties and always triumphs.