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Sándor Román

Sándor Román’s artistic carrier is based on his approach that takes Hungarian cultural influences such folk tales, customs, song, music, dances and national characther as a starting pont. He brakes down the movements from authentic folk dance into its component parts, complements them, rearranges them and decorates them with movements from other dance styles. In the pieces of bravura performance (which characterize his choreographies) his style is to tell a story through the dance   which provides a theatrical experience for viewers from anywhere in the world.

This approach is also echoed  in the training program of the Sándor Román Dance Academy. The Academy is dual-purposed. Firstly to provide the opportunity for children to learn enjoy dance. Then to provide the opportunity for some to graduate into joining Sándor Román’s Dance Company as a career.

The Dance Academy brings culture, the joy of dance to young people who like to dance and introduces them to a taste of the world of theatre.