Attention, gentle care, lots and lots of play, sense of achievementand dancing

The most important thing is that the children have a good time, use their energies with playful movement and to build enjoyable relationships with the teacher, dance and each other

From 3 to 6 years of age, the child’s movement, manipulation skills and spatial perception are constantly evolving. To reach school maturity, it is necessary for the child’s muscles to function in a coordinated way (to coordinate the movements well) and that the visual, auditory and kinesthetic perceptions should work well.

The forms of movement that help the development of abilities also help the hierarchical development of the brain, thus laying the foundation for better learning outcomes. At this stage of development, the tendency to imitate and the strive for independence is emphasized. At this stage, children learn to be perseverant in their actions.

Paying attention to the above, we focus on interesting, exciting and successful tasks in the group. Classes are twice taking 40 minutes.  

Starts: September 7, 2020

Groups: 2 times a week Tuition fee: 3,000 HUF / hour

Location: Román Sándor Dance Academy (1011. Budapest, Iskola utca 10.)