Intense moving, training, recruitment, talent management, self-expression

Academic year : September 7, 2020 – June 15, 2021.  Closed group who drops out during the year cannot continue training.

We are looking for young people between the ages of 10 and 15 with great desire to move and workload. The academic year is a methodical well-based intensive training process. The participants receive a diploma at the end and the talented young people can also gain admission to the Dance Faculty of Román Sándor.

Students can learn classical ballet, modern dance, street dance, and the movement material of traditional dances during the training. Classes are three times a week and take 3 hours.

Classes are three times a week and take 3 hours.

The focus is on talent management, self-expression and learning the concepts of dance movement.  

Starts: September 7, 2020

Groups: 3 times a week 3 hour-training

Tuition fee: 49,000 HUF / month

Location: Román Sándor Dance Academy (1011 Budapest, Iskola utca 10.)