Sándor Román


During his 40-year career, director-choreographer Sándor Román has striven to impress the audience with a completely new perspective and by mixing different dance styles in all of his choreographies, so that the viewers get an experience through the performance that makes them feel richer. In each of Sándor Román’s pieces, he strives to introduce and make his audience fall in love with dance.

Sándor Román has been teaching and choreographing for the past 40 years in the United States, Canada and many European countries.
Over the years, his performances have been a huge success from China to Germany. He was the choreographer of the acclaimed equestrian show Apassionata, for the 2017 World Water Championships, has choreographed at the National Opera House in Ljubljana and worked on the biggest stages in Europe.

He believes that he should appreciate the fact that during every performance people give him their most valuable thing – their time. For this gift of time he believes he should thank them at every performance by giving them an experience that they will look back on years later with a good feeling and they can feel that they received an unforgettable experience that added to their lives.

He believes that movement and rhythm are life itself since it determines everything in our world – from the tiniest particles to the vast universe.

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